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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

musings from a missionary mom

I can't express enough how wonderful it is having a son out on a mission. I am so amazed at how Heavenly Father blesses us. I know I could not adequately enumerate all the blessings that we have been blessed with--I am sure that I am not even aware of all that we have been blessed with...

But-there is a feeling of peace that has permeated my soul since I dropped my son off almost 5 months ago. I do not miss the everyday-ness of my son. (Which is surprising...) There is peace in our home. There seems to be an additional dose of warmth, love and kindness in our home. Before he left, I dreaded the holidays I would celebrate without him. Our family holiday traditions have been an important part of who we are as a family. But, the holidays have been easy. Easier than I thought they would be.

Last month we ran out of money before we ran out of month. I checked the food supply and we had enough for our needs. We might have a few mac and cheese nights, but, we would get by. In my morning prayers, I offered thanks to Heavenly Father for all our blessings...I then joked that I wasn't even going to ask for a surprise check in the mail, because I knew we didn't need it. When I went to the mailbox, was I ever surprised to find a surprise check in the mail! AND-it was from the DMV of all places...according to their records I had overpaid the registration...and they hoped they had taken care of the problem in a timely manner. Not a big check--but now we could have salad with our mac and cheese. I smiled...and once again bowed my head-humbled at how the Lord truly does bless us and can make our lives better than we could even imagine. The next day? Another surprise check. This one a bit bigger.

I continually stand all amazed at the love...

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