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Monday, October 3, 2011

well-i did it.

19 years ago, when my son was born,  I looked forward to this time with great anticipation. When he was barely a toddler, we would play "spin the globe" and where the globe stopped under his finger is where he would go on a mission. 

We prepared him for this day. We taught him to cook, clean, and sew. We spent countless hours in scripture study and Family Home Evenings. As the time grew nearer, I panicked. What if I haven't taught him enough? Does he really know enough to be on his own for two years? 

These last few days I have been feeling a little like Abraham, as he was asked to offer his son Isaac. I read that the Lord gave Abraham this challenge not for the Lord's benefit, but so that Abraham would know what Abraham was made of.  I have often pondered the discussion Abraham might have had with Isaac as they headed to the appointed place. I think I have a better idea now. I am sure that there was lots of talk about faith, and love, and being obedient. I am pretty sure there were some tears. And although this has been a pretty hard thing for me to do,  I never once looked for the ram in the thicket. And though the tears spilled freely, they were tears of sorrow mingled with lots of tears of joy. 

How grateful I am for a son who is found worthy and willing to serve the Lord. How grateful I am that my son will become a man while in Heavenly Father's service. How grateful I am that I now have an opportunity to see what I am made of.