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Monday, January 11, 2010

3 products I love

#3-I have to include these today because I am trying to make my last two packages last...and they are just sitting on the counter taunting me...Trader Joes sells these babies at Chirstmas time. The chocolate dipped version sells out really fast. Nothing says Christmas like peppermint chocolate cookies.
#2-I love this product. I use it often...I almost could buy it in bulk. I put it on chicken to make a crispy coating...i put it in meatloaf instead of the bread or cracker crumbs...I think it makes the loaf from better...I put in on my French Toast after dipping it in the egg batter and then I have a crispy French toast...just like in the restaurants. I feel like I have only just begun exploring the possibilities of Panko.

#1-This might have to be my all time favorite right now. This find has the subtle taste of Dijon mustard with the texture of mayonnaise. Put this on your sandwich and mayonnaise is not needed...and it has only 5 calories per serving! (And my kids love it too!) A perfect dip for artichokes with none of the guilt.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today I took my daughter to McDonald's after an ortho appointment...and something caught my eye...something called a first glance I was all---gross...then I looked was a Big Mac in a wrap. Yes-a Big Mac...upon closer inspection it appeared to have only 1 patty and 1/2 slice of cheese...lettuce, special sauce, pickles, onions and no sesame seed buns...I (being a Big Mac lover) decided to try it. It tasted like a Big Mac...left me satisfied like a Big Mac...looked up the nutritional info---it is around 200 calories less than a regular Big