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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are spoiled

There was a young man in Africa who slept in a cot in the family kitchen, although he was about a foot taller than the cot was long. He was given a gift of a suitcase from his mother. This suitcase was battered and beat up. One that even Goodwill might reject. He placed this suitcase at the head of his cot so that he could stretch out when he slept. This suitcase was his prized possession. This suitcase though, was more than a pillow to him. You see, now he had a suitcase to take with him on his mission.

(A story Steve M. shared with me that Elder Bednar shared with him)

Friday, May 14, 2010

The worth of a "sole"...

The other day Doug noticed that one of his student had a gaping hole in his shoe...essentially, the whole sole was gone. The next day, Doug noticed the boy  was still wearing the same pair of shoes. He called me while I was at lunch with a friend. Doug called to ask me to bring the boy a pair of socks. He had found him a pair of shoes in the PE room. My friend immediately told me to find out the shoe size of the boy and said that she would like to buy him a pair of shoes. She was serious. The following day, Doug asked the boy how the shoes that he found were. He said they were fine, but a little small. Upon closer inspection Doug realized these shoes weren't even close to fitting.  Anyway, long story short-I texted my friend with the shoe size and within an hour, she dropped off to the school a brand new pair of shoes and a package of socks. And these were not spiderman shoes from Kmart either...these were a nice name brand shoe. With decorum and dignity, this boy was told that the Health Office had some shoes for him. Later that day, Doug noticed that this boy couldn't be happier with his new shoes.

Today, I am grateful for the incredible people that I have in my circle of friends. People who notice the plight of others and and do something about it (and not because the government told them too.)  My friend reminded me that when we do service for others we truly do forget ourselves for a while. Man, I have good friends.